Data-Driven Integrated Marketing Solutions

Media Operations

Creates and deploys cutting-edge online media campaigns across a range of platforms utilizing formats such as paid search, display, social mobile and in-app advertising to drive traffic to our own sites and our eGaming clients. In addition, we established industry relationships; scale and track record also enable it to achieve favorable media buying terms.


Build and operate a sophisticated web-network, which act as a conduit to channel users to our eGaming campaigns. These content rich websites are designed to attract users which are then directed to clients and brands. The team utilizes unique business intelligence methods to track the flow and quality of traffic to its customers’ sites and analyses the quality and conversion into revenue using these tools to achieve an improved ROI.

Programmatic Ad-Ops

Working on multiple Ad Exchanges and RTBs Ad-Ops team operates as a P&L unit deliver unique and extremely sophisticated working methodologies Supported by internal dashboard and optimization methods provide with capabilities to be a self-sufficient operation. Our acquisition channels include: Display, Mobile, Search and Video Campaigns

Partners Network

Develop and manage a large pool of affiliates and marketing partners offering flexible yet simple and efficient engagement models via our proprietary working methodologies and platform. All traffic generated by the program and partners generates additional commission engine for the operation, either as a percentage of their revenue or per customer acquired

Email Marketing

Working with industry best practices and localized regulations, our industry leader email acquisition marketing operations will influences millions of consumers to engage with our sophisticate yet simple acquisition and retention campaigns directly supported our over all marketing strategies Deliverability and Market Analysis Database Management CRM Platform Setup

Integrated Services

A multi-channel marketing Eco-System with a team of highly skilled marketing professionals focused on delivering KPIs that subsequently provide partners with high value traffic.

A unique performance based eco-system with proprietary optimization methods to run thousands of simultaneous self-funded campaigns across different platforms such as paid search, social advertising, mobile and video ads and many more.

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